Restore to sanity

With fire at their backs

Right now

Fire at their backs.

To this date the PC’s have returned from the plane of fire, with the life of Patiena intact.

Patiena is the most powerful gold dragon(or any dragon for that matter)in my campaign currently.
She has long ago left mount celestia, for a desire to make a good mark for her kind. She has long ago consumed her hoard to escape the twilight that comes up on all dragonkind.
She had by her power stayed back the ravages of a large undead horde to rescue the people of Glyndwyn. Because of this act the people wanted to make her their leader and crown her the Queen of Glyndwyn. An ancient knighthood opposed to this ideal, had requested a crown made for her and requsitioned the help of dwarves to form the crown, without understanding the plot the dwarves did so and with the twisting of illithid/neothid allied power it caused a terrible corruption in the mind and will of Patiena, during her crowning corronation and with the presence of thousand of various races present, Patiena went mad and destroyed her beloved town and made it a place of soot and melted stone.
Now it is a place of anarchy some 200yrs later, and power of the region has shifted to various humanoid races, and the worst of all dragons have marked it off and vie for the territory, tearing at each races in between.



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